How to create Free IOST accounts with Jetstream

Jetstream is a recently launched chrome extension crypto wallet that has been gaining much attention in the IOST ecosystem lately and rightfully so. Despite being a new player in the space it offers many features that are simply not available with other older and more established chrome extension IOST wallets. One of these is being able to interact with IOST-based non-fungible assets as well as an integrated and easy to use account creation feature.

The account creation feature is important in onboarding new users into the IOST ecosystem and making it EASY and FREE (via Jetstream’s subsidized account creation process) breaks down a lot of barriers for those who are new in the space. The human-readable addresses of IOST also make it an ideal starting blockchain for new users who finds it difficult to deal with long and often confusing wallet addresses of other blockchains.

A chrome extension wallet enables users to interact with decentralized applications using what they already have, web browsers. If you are looking into exploring decentralized applications and want to partake in the next evolutionary step of the Web then I invite you to install Jetstream and experience decentralized applications that are built for mass adoption and without the Fees. You can also partake in airdrops where digital assets are given out to active members of the community.

How to create your own IOST account?

You will be needing the following requirements to be able to create free IOST accounts in Jetstream:

A. You need a Chrome browser to be able to use Jetstream. While Jetstream installs perfectly in Brave browser it stalls when you try to continue with Google login.

B. You also need a Google account. If you have Gmail then you are good to go.

Installation of Jetstream

Creation of Your Free IOST Wallet

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful. Let me know if there are some questions about this tutorial. That is if for now folks! Enjoy your new IOST free account. If you are looking for places to find IOST dapps you can just search the various Dapp data aggregators on the web.

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