Hello guys! I have been exploring the different EOS sidechains of late and I am just loving the different projects. one of the EOS sidechains I want to share with you today TELOS. To be honest, I don’t know much about the project, but I do know it is a sidechain of EOS with different implementation in governance, protocol token and resource management. Currently, they are giving 2 million accounts for free. This is a great opportunity to explore this sidechain and get your free account.

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How to create a free account

TELOS Accounts require resources to create and thus it typically requires some sort of investment. I tried creating an account and it costs around $3 USD. While this is not that much this is a major barrier since most cryptocurrencies do not require its users to pay for new accounts or wallets. Fortunately, TELOS foundation is now giving out 2 million accounts via one of this wallet partner sqrlwallet.

To start creating your wallet you need to download desktop wallet sqrlwallet. The desktop wallet not only allows you to create a Free TELOS account it also gives you free 5 SQRL Tokens. You can earn more by referring other people.

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Desktop Procedure:

  1. Download the correct version for your computer here.
  2. Install and run the software
  3. Once installed and running you should see this window. The first thing you need to do is to connect to the server. Just press the button labeled “Connect to Server.”

4.After this you will be presented with the window below. Click on the button labeled “Create New Account” to proceed.

5.The next window will ask you to input the Account name. There are certain conditions to create one, please read carefully to make a valid Account Name. If the account name is not available the program will alert you. After this, Click on the refresh buttons to generate the Owner and Active Public key. Finally click on “Next” button for the next section

6. The next screen will screen will look like this. This is the part of the setup where you need to copy the Keys. To copy your keys just click on the button that is labeled “Copy Keys/Already Have Keys” this will copy your keys which you can paste on a word processor or notepad.

When you try to paste it on a note pad it looks like this.

7.When you are 100% sure you have saved your Private Keys click the “Keys are in a Safe Place” button and review the account name and keys on the confirmation screen to verify they are what you have recorded.

8. After confirming your Account name and key you are now asked to input a password for our wallet. Make sure you remember this as there is no way to recover them like the private keys above. Input it and confirm the password in the next window.

9. To proceed you need to click on the “Save Account” which will then bring you to the window below. All you need to do here now is accept the user term agreement.

As you can see the SQRL Token has been credited to the wallet. You can earn more tokens if you invite people into the platform. For every successful referral, both you and your referral will be credited with 5 SQRL Token.



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