Free IOST Account, Daily faucet, Multiplier and Passive Income


IOST is one of the hottest blockchain projects in 2019 that has recently launched their mainnet. Since the release of their much-awaited mainnet it has seen tremendous growth in terms in accounts created in their network as well as on the number of average number of daily transactions the network processes. In fact it has already surpassed the daily number of transactions of Ethereum making it one of the most active blockchain in the crypto space.

Much of its success can be attributed to its high performance blockchain that can process thousands of transaction per second which can go head-to-head with EOS and TRON networks. Scalability is one of the main problems of blockchain projects and this is one of the reason why Ethereum has been losing projects to other blockchain such as TRON and EOS, the latter two is widely considered to scale better than the former.

Developers are also taking notice to the new blockchain as dApps that runs under IOST’s Blockchain are written in Javascript unlike Ethereum and Tron where coders will have to learn how to use Solidity, the main programming language of the said Blockchains. By using Javascript for its code base it has removed some barriers to entry for coders and developers lessening its learning curve.

Aside from IOST’s blazing speed and ease of development, great consideration was also given to end users who find it difficult to interact with blockchain applications. One of the main features of the project is the use of human readable wallet address. This is a great feature especially for those who are just starting out with blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies.

To accelerate the growth of the IOST ecosystem there are projects within IOST that are sponsoring the opening of account for IOST. Strictly speaking IOST accounts are not free and require some resources to enable it to interact with the IOST network.

To learn how to to create an IOST account for free please read on while I explain the process on how to create and account as well as were to get free IOST and how to multiply them.

How to create a Free Account

1. First you have to create your account. You can find the instructions and demonstration on how to do this in a YouTube video I made here:

If you want to go on ahead and create it yourself you may go the to site here:

2. Once you have created the account you may either restore your account in token pocket which you can download here:

or if you are using a computer you can install a chrome extension wallet called iWallet which you can download here:

3. When you have a working wallet you can now go to this website that gives you Free IOST every 24 hours:

To claim make sure you are logged in. Then go to the chest and claim your FREE IOST every 24 hours.

Note: When you are using mobile phone make sure that you use the dApps explorer by the wallet to open the link given above as it will not login in regular Browsers.

When using the iWallet Chrome extension wallet make sure that you are logged in the iWallet and refresh the site (press f5 or swipe down)given above. This will automatically log you in the website.

Passive income by accumulating IOST-based Endless Tokens

Aside from being able to multiple your IOST by playing the dice game the IOST Endless Game allows you to earn its IOST-based Token called IOST-Endless Token (iET). Each roll of IOST (Minimum of 10 IOST) will earn you the same amount of iET which allows holders to partake in the daily revenue earnings of the site. The revenue given to each iET holder is proportional to the total supply of iET and the amount the holder of iET has.


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