Free IOST Account, Daily faucet, Multiplier and Passive Income


IOST is one of the hottest blockchain projects in 2019 that has recently launched their mainnet. Since the release of their much-awaited mainnet it has seen tremendous growth in terms in accounts created in their network as well as on the number of average number of daily transactions the network processes. In fact it has already surpassed the daily number of transactions of Ethereum making it one of the most active blockchain in the crypto space.

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How to create a Free Account

1. First you have to create your account. You can find the instructions and demonstration on how to do this in a YouTube video I made here:

How to create your IOST Account For Free
To create a wallet Tick on Auto-generate, type in your preferred username, pass Recapthca and click or tap on create account button.

Passive income by accumulating IOST-based Endless Tokens

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